Friday, October 18, 2013

Crib to Bench

Found out this is from
...but it wasn't attributed when I first found it.

Brooke Giannetti / Kate Burger / Lisa Romerein

I found this photo listed as "Source Unknown" on
It was under the title "Giannetti Home" on
But I found its original home for attribution
in a blog post from 27 December 2010 at
where you will find the wonderful
"Velvet & Linen"
design blog.
Besides Brooke Giannetti,
I believe design credit also goes to Kate Burger of
and photo credit goes to Lisa Romerein at

Friday, April 26, 2013

Door to Hall Tree/Planter

This one truly is an orphan pin.
I was never able to discern who
'originally' pinned this.
I chased it down into
several users' boards,
then it turned into a repinning loop,
where it kept coming back to the same
pinner, who had pinned it from someone
who seems to have pinned it from her
in the first place.
I'm stumped.

French Republic

According to its Pinterest tag,
this photo was uploaded by
Laura Trieber
"1 year ago"
(April 2012)
to her board
"Home Designs - Interior Rooms"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pre-Internet Brain

I don't remember
where I found this,
but I uploaded it to my
"It Has Been Said"
Turns out,
it is from a collection
of posters by

Stupendous Green Monster Bike

Uploaded this
to my "Motorstuff"
board today.
Did some research -
not clear origin.

Magic Brain, Magic Eye

I uploaded this image
in February 2013.
I believe it was used
as a complement to
an online article...?
uncertain of its provenance,
I did a bit of research and found
that it is part of the
part of the Smithsonian's
Archives of American Art.